We also run annual performance competitions, all you have to do is belong to the club and keep the details of all your activities and any success, In hand or Ridden during the calender year. See details below for more information.     

 Performance points entry form    Performance points result sheet


Presentation of Points Trophies for end 2016

Juniors                1st       Maisy Webster                    Nipper

                            1st      Maddy Hall                         St George

                            3rd       Molly Webster                     Fergal

                           4th      Molly Webster                      Jackson

                           5th       Jessie Johnson                    Cerys         

Seniors              1st       Maggie Connick                  Lucy Lockett

                          2nd       Elspeth MacFadyen          Oatfield Charlie

                          3rd        Grace Starling                    Molly Cool

                          4th         Tracey Cutting                   Ruby             

                          5th         Michelle Stebbings             Shamus

                          6th        Hazel Pettifor                     Deane Valley Rowda

 Presentation of All Rounder Trophies

 Juniors            1st       Jessie Johnson                   Cerys

                       2nd     Maisy Webster                      Nipper

                       3rd      Molly Webster                     Fergal

                       4th        Maddy Hall                         St George

                       5th       Molly Webster                     Jackson         

Seniors          1st        Elspeth MacFadyen            Oatfield Charlie

                      2nd       Maggie Connick                   Lucy Lockett

                     3rd         Tracey Cutting                    Ruby             

                     4th        Michelle Stebbings              Shamus

                     5th       Grace Starling                     Molly Cool

                    5th      Hazel Pettifor                        Deane Valley Rowda

                      These All Rounder trophies had been very kindly donated by Mandy Leek as a reward given to credit for hard work competing in as many disciplines as possible, therefore rewarding members who try new events and have fun with their Horses/Ponies.

SRC are very grateful to Mandy for these lovely trophies.